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Our web development agency designs and builds custom websites that help you convert visitors into paying customers!

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Why choose us?

We follow the JAMstack approach to web development. Thus, we use modern technologies and best practices to create a website that combines the reliability of a static site with the flexibility of a dynamic site.

The result is a website that not only visually communicates your brand's story and adapts to the needs of your visitors but is also built to perform and last.

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Cost effective

fast loading website

Depending on your website's needs and scale, we can host it for free! Besides that, the maintenance is minimal and can be done on a yearly basis, so you save on monthly fees.

Highly secure

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We use static site generators to pre-render optimized static files, thus decoupling building the website from hosting. This removes the need for dynamic servers resulting in a more secure website.

Blazingly fast

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Not only are website visitors incredibly impatient, but page speed is also critical to SEO. By serving your website from a global CDN, we ensure a fast page-loading time.

Platform agnostic

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With static site generators and headless CMS, we're separating the code from the content editing. This means that you're not locked into one content platform forever.

About us

We're passionate about creating websites that suit the individual needs of each brand we work with. This means that we don't use templates and themes in our projects. Instead, we translate your ideas into code!

That's why you can trust us that the result is a website that is uniquely yours. We start with the basics and add more functionality as your business grows.

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What technologies go into your website?

Our mission is to create a website that your company can rely on for many years! To achieve this, we work with the latest technologies to design, build and deploy the sites. We use a combination of the following tools depending on the goals we set for your website!

What we do

We offer web strategy, web design, web development, and copywriting & SEO optimization services. In fact, these are the steps we will take to create your website. We constantly optimize every stage of the process to ensure you're happy with the result!

Web development that scales with your business

Your focus is growing your business, ours is to develop a website that can handle traffic spikes or additional functionalities. If you want more features built into your website, here are a few in-demand add-ons that we offer:

Dark theme

 dark theme website

Light mode remains the default theme for most websites, but dark mode is rapidly gaining popularity.

If you want to give your visitors the option to switch to dark theme, we can make it possible!

Blog section

 blog website

Blogs are a great way for you to attract and retain new visitors on your site!

We build the blog and blog archive layouts, then you simply add your content and images through CloudCannon.

Shopify integration

 online store

Adding ecommerce functionality to your website has never been easier!

By setting up a Shopify page, you benefit from their infrastructure and security, saving you time and costs.

Custom links page

 creating website

A links page can be a great feature to add to your social media handles.

You get the same design as your website, minus the monthly fees for customization or payment processing links!

Let's work together!

No matter if you already have a mockup or you want us to work from scratch on your website, reach out and let's turn your ideas into reality! We've created a questionnaire to help you get specific on what you want.

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Featured Projects

Women Do Crypto

This organization empowers women with education on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. We wanted to support them in conveying their message through a series of elegant, light theme custom links page, event gallery and event registration page.

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As Korean cuisine is new to the local food scene in Sibiu, we designed a simple, easy-to-navigate homepage that showcases the menu gallery and the international community the owners have already built around Korean food. The main focus has been to create a modular design which can allow for easy creation of new sections.

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